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Covid 19 in Colombia.

The Rules.

Colombia is no longer on the Covid -19 related travel warning list of the EU, the USA and Canada.

However, please consult with us about the current situation since regulations may change on short notice.

  • Borders are open and travelers may enter by land, sea, and air from any country with the exceptions of Venezuela and India.
  • No quarantine is required when entering Colombia. You will need to provide a contact number during your stay here.
  • Facemasks are no longer required to be worn in all public areas (malls, concerts etc)
  • Restaurants and bars in most of Colombia are open with social distancing regulations and health measures in place.
  • 70% fully vaccinated (approximately), everyone over the age of 18 eligible to receive the vaccine.

Sources: Panda Data Pandemic analytics and Instituto Nacional de Salud Website.