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Medellin Flower Show Tragedy.

Two soldiers suspended from a helicopter towing a Huge Colombian flag. Used in the article Medellin Flower Show Tragedy..

It is not something you would expect at a flower festival.

A mid air stunt went horribly wrong on the last day of the Medellin Flower carnival on August 11th 2019.

The two commandos had been hanging onto a cable below a helicopter and waving to the crowds below, while carrying a huge Colombian flag. when the cable snapped sending them plummeting to the ground.

Nicknamed the city of “Eternal Spring” due to its temperate weather the city had been holding an annual flower carnival.

The festival, considered to be Colombia’s second most important traditional cultural event.

With two weeks of colorful peasant parades, various flower competitions, festive folklore shows, flower exhibitions, horse fair, classic car parade, live music shows and more, it draws huge crowds from around the world who flock to be part of this spectacle.

The image below shows the final moments of the two soldiers.

Photo showing Colombian soldiers saluting as they plunged to their deaths. Used in the article Medellin flower show tragedy.
Saluting as they fall to their death. Image: Redditt.

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